The Salon & Spa Museum Displays Classic Beauty Memorabilia in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas – April 20, 2022 – When most people think of museums, they might think of the Louvre. Or the Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Or the Hershey’s “chocolate” museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania. We think those are all nice enough. But when it comes to an appreciation of history – and of the history of beauty care – may we suggest a visit to the Salon & Spa Museum.


Yes, right here in Texas.


Located just outside downtown Fort Worth, at the Salon & Spa Galleria Fort Worth off Airport Freeway, the Salon & Spa Museum makes this Salon & Spa Galleria outlet unique among all of their 17 locations in that it’s the only one where you can get your hair done (and avail yourself of any of a number of other esthetician services) while under the same roof tour a museum of Salon & Spa history.


With its fascinating collection of antique beauty salon equipment, here you’ll see the Eskimo Model 70 hair dryer that looks more like a ray gun from Forbidden Planet, and another hair dryer that could easily be mistaken for a cowboy’s pistol, pearl-colored handled and all. Other vintage items on display – and mind you, they really were once used in beauty salons – look delightfully like spare parts from H.G. Wells’s time machine.


“That’s why I’m never surprised to hear it’s like traveling back in a time machine,” enthuses Rodney Ross, proud curator of the Salon & Spa Museum. “We have barber chairs with velvet upholstery worthy of the height of the Victorian era.”


“Of course, the costs to the customers back then were amazing, as you can see on the price lists, which we’ve carefully preserved.” With “LADIES’ HAIR BOBBING” – 50 cents – and “SHAVE” – 25 cents – one has to admit yesteryear was unbeatable.


Considering the fact that the Salon & Spa Galleria – Airport Highway is the best choice in the area anyone could possibly make for where to have their hair styled in 2022, when it comes to beauty salons for rent there really is no competition. You sure won’t find many with a historic museum to boot. In fact, you won’t find any others.


Plan a visit to the Salon & Spa Galleria – and Museum – today!


Salon and Spa Museum

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, just off Airport Freeway. For more information, check out or call (817) 320-7628 or


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